Smoking cessation

We can help you stub out that habit

It is predicted that 9 million people still smoke in the UK. If you’re one of them, and are struggling to give up, we may have the answer.

It seems there’s many ways to try and stop smoking, from patches, pills and willpower. For many though, none of these methods work, and something more radical is needed.

How can Focus Therapy help?

Through our calm and relaxing environment, we will work to put you at ease and when entering the hypnosis state, we will channel positive thoughts and install the basic principles to stop smoking:

  1. Smoking poisons the human body
  2. The body needs to be healthy and protected
  3. You do not need to smoke

We will also work to try and root any issues connected to smoking, eg. Stress, and try to look at changing those thoughts and behaviours and turn them into something more positive.

We do not like negative thoughts at Focus Therapy, so we will remain positive throughout the sessions but locking in the thoughts and mindset that it would be better to stop.

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