Focus Therapy’s creation derives from the owner Linda remembering being born (link).

She truly believes in the subconscious and other forms of the mental being. That is why she decided to include regression hypnotherapy in her training.

Regression hypnotherapy is about using the techniques used in standard hypnotherapy, such as entering the subconscious, and using thoughts of the mind, to go back to a past life or early in this life and visit significant events from them.

Regression hypnotherapy and past life regression can be used to try and unlock any negative emotions or feelings by looking back on an event from past life or lives to try and source a reason for this negativity.  Your subconscious mind does not forget anything, storing it all away in case needed. It could also answer any questions you have, or, simply just to be curious and see what happened in the past.

An elderly client had some anger issues with men and couldn’t remember anything in her consciousness to give reason for this. She came to me for regression hypnotherapy, and after a few sessions, discovered something happened to her when she was 7 years’ old that she did not remember. It answered all her questions and allowed her to move on.

What happens during regression therapy?

In past life regression, you will enter an event or moment, but it will not be visual, it will be as if you are in the moment and are living it. We will be there to give you calming reassurance throughout. Again, you may find out something from this experience that explains certain issues, behaviours or questions. Or it could simply be for fun.

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