Phobias and Fears

A phobia is a type of anxiety that causes intense and irrational fear, that could leave to panic attacks and similar.

It also affects many if us, so there’s no need to be ashamed if you are one of those. Generally, phobias can be split into different groups; specific phobias relate to being scared in a certain situation, such as meetings or flying, or an animal.

A complex or non-specific phobia causes fear and anxiety on a daily basis, causing a huge restriction and affect on life. These could be issues such as eating in public places, being in big crowds, or getting ill.

How can Focus Therapy help?

In the initial consultation, we will discuss how anxiety and phobias can transcend and spiral out of control. We will look at if there’s a reason, specific event or situation as to why the phobia appeared.

In the relaxed, comfortable environment of our therapy sessions, we will calm the anxiety levels down and start to tap into the subconscious to see if we can change the negative thoughts and reasons and change them to positive thoughts about the specific phobia.

The therapy will aim to train the mind to see certain situations as normal and positive, rather than threatening.

By the time the sessions conclude, you will see a change in your thoughts and behaviours and free of the phobia!

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