Can Holistic Hypnotherapy really help with Anxiety?

Anxiety. It’s that overwhelming feeling of fear, the fear that something is about to go wrong at any moment. The fear of both the known, and the unknown. The tightening of the chest and heart pounding breathlessness, when the imagined worst case scenario outweighs reality. We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives, whether it’s the next big work meeting, preparing for a promotion, marriage, relationships, even down to simply being late for an important event. Sometimes it’s chronic, no matter what the situation, it’s there pushing you to the brink, sometimes it takes you far away from reality. You are not alone. Did you know that approximately 8 million people suffer from chronic anxiety in the UK alone, and that’s only those who have been diagnosed. 

Symptoms of Anxiety can vary person to person but to generalise, they may include an intense feeling of dread, irritability, an overwhelming feeling of restlessness and constantly feeling on edge. Anxiety doesn’t just impact you mentally, but physically too with symptoms ranging from headaches, dizziness, chest pains, stomach upset, breathlessness and an overall sense of weakness.

There are many treatments to help you cope with anxiety, from medication to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), but with its growing success rate, holistic hypnotherapy is becoming one of the most popular ways to support your mental health journey, with so much potential to bring about positive change and healing.

So what is Hypnotherapy?

Here at Focus Therapy we use Hypnosis as a form of psychotherapy. Using relaxation techniques to bring you into an altered state of consciousness which allows us to utilize your mind, to alleviate tension and any psychological stress, phobias and unhealthy habits. Helping tap into your thoughts and feelings subconsciously, giving you the space to see things in a different light while guiding you towards positive change. 

How does Hypnotherapy help with Anxiety

Hypnosis is widely known to help reduce anxiety through relaxation and visualisation, which in turn allows you to think and feel rationally and focus on the positive. When you feel calm you are open to more suggestions and can easily resolve your thoughts and reactions to certain situations at hand. Giving you clarity and the ability to see things from a new perspective. While simultaneously alleviating the intense sense of fear and pain caused by your anxiety. 

Using Hypnotherapy alongside other treatments

It’s important to remember that hypnotherapy is only one part of your treatment and it’s absolutely necessary for you to continue with other therapies or medication unless your Dr or mental health professional tells you otherwise. 

Working together

First we’ll take some time to get to know you and the struggles you’re facing with Anxiety 

before we begin the process. We’ll dive deep to find out the root cause of your Anxiety and how it presents itself in your day to day life. 

During the sessions we’ll tap into your subconscious so we can reach those feelings and your reactions to certain situations that may trigger an anxious response before trying to help you overcome them. Then we’ll use a number of different techniques such as storytelling, metaphors and symbolisms to support you with suggestions to change your behaviours and thinking patterns. Unlocking the potential to break free from negative thought patterns and improve your confidence when dealing with situations that would generally trigger your anxiety. 

To Summarise

Using hypnotherapy as part of your treatment plan can have profound effects on how you can show up for yourself in your life when you feel your anxiety creeping in. It has so much potential to completely change your life for the better and it’s something (biassed or not) we highly recommend. We would love to support you on your healing journey, so don’t be afraid to book your free consultation, if you feel this is something you need. 

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