5 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that over 70% of adults in the UK are uncomfortable with their weight? That’s over half the British population. With the constant pressure from society and the world around us, there’s no wonder this statistic is so high. However, struggling with your weight can make you feel extremely alone. This can have a huge impact on your mental health and on your ability to make decisions on the best and safest way to lose weight, especially when the “tried and true” strategies don’t work. 

What if we told you that wasn’t your only option? What if we told you, you can lose weight and feel good while doing it, without the diet pills, without fasting, without any of the famous get slim quick methods that can have a hugely negative impact on your physical and mental health? 

With hypnotherapy, we take a holistic approach to your weight loss journey because we believe that everything starts from within, so to make the changes you want, without harming your body, you need to turn inwards and tackle the root of the problem that is causing your weight gain.

By turning inward, we can look at the behaviours that affect your eating patterns and your relationship with food, giving you a new perspective that allows you the space to take actionable steps towards your goal weight. We’ve pulled together five ways Hypnotherapy can help you on your weight loss journey.

We dive deep to get to the root cause and your triggers

During our sessions, we go beneath the surface, into your subconscious to get directly to the root cause of your overeating and uncover any triggers. This allows us to give suggestions that will help you change the way you think and see the underlying cause preventing you from taking action and staying focused, as well as providing a new perspective and internal shift surrounding your triggers. 

We give you the space and support to change your relationship with food

Hypnotherapy gives you insight into the thoughts and behaviours associated with food and your relationship with it. Whether it’s snacking, comfort eating, psychological pressures of needing to clear your plate, or emotional eating. By directly tackling why you feel the way you do about food, and the impact it has on your behaviour, we can give you the space to work through this and see food in a healthier, positive light.

We can help you process negative emotions in a healthy, sustainable way

By looking at your triggers and your relationship with food, we can distinguish between habits and coping mechanisms. This is especially useful if you struggle with emotional eating, particularly if there is some form of past trauma that may have caused you to turn to food as a way to deal with your emotions. By looking at this we can make the suggestions needed to help you process your negative emotions healthily, so you don’t feel the need to use food as a coping mechanism. 

We offer suggestions to actively change your behaviours

Once we have gotten to the bottom of your eating habits and the root cause of your relationship with food, then we can begin making the suggestions needed to support you in changing the behaviours triggered by your previous relationship, creating a healthier, sustainable reaction to situations you would usually turn to food to suppress. Whether it’s cutting out certain foods, consuming smaller portions of food or wanting to fall in love with exercise, these are just a few of the suggestions we can make to help you on your weightloss journey.

Give you the confidence and motivation to move forward

By working together you won’t just see changes in your mindset and behaviours, you’ll see a change in your confidence too which will continue to grow as time goes on. The more confident you are, the more action you will take and the faster the results, which will give you the drive to keep going and move forward. 
Hypnotherapy alone won’t help you lose a dramatic amount of weight, but there is most definitely evidence to show that when paired with other therapies, daily exercise, and a balanced diet, it can have a profound effect on your weight loss journey. If you want to know more about how Focus Therapy can help you on your weight loss journey, please get in touch.

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