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What is hypnotherapy?

What is hypnotherapy and how can it help you?

Do you stay awake at night anxious about something that hasn’t happened? Are you so scared of something and do not understand why? Feeling stressed out all the time? 

You are not alone, especially in today’s fast-paced, highly-stressful society, and there is a solution to change any of these. 

What is hypnotherapy in principle? – it is about using the mind and the subconsciousness to bring about positive changes. 

What we do

At Focus Therapy, we use hypnotherapy techniques to help find meaningful alternatives to these ways of thinking, behaving or feeling.

In a relaxing and comfortable environment, we will use a number of ways, such as storytelling, metaphors and symbolism to enter your subconscious and find suggestions to change behaviours and thinking.

It’s simple as to why you should use hypnotherapy. We will ensure you are at ease and happy before any therapy starts and will work with your positive thinking in making changes. 

We are based in the Fareham area with a home-like feel to our therapy rooms. Visit our therapy pages for more information.

We do specialise in stress and anxiety, but also offer therapy for phobias and fears, smoking cessation and regression.  

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Alternatively, please call Linda on 07737847362 to discuss the treatment your require.


During the therapy sessions, we will tap into the subconscious to reach those feelings or the situation where the anxiety comes from, and work to overcome and deal with the issues.


Through our relaxing environment, we'll work to put you at ease and when entering the hypnosis state, we'll channel positive thoughts and install the basics to stop smoking.


In our one to one therapy sessions, we'll calm the anxiety levels down and tap into the subconscious to see if we can change the negative thoughts about the specific phobia and fear.


Regression hypnotherapy can be used to try and unlock any negative emotions by looking back on an event from past life or lives to try and source a reason for these negativity thoughts.

  • “I have suffered from social anxiety for years. Linda from Focus Therapy has helped me to overcome this with her relaxing, comforting hypnotherapy techniques.”

    Lucy Forbes, Stubbington

  • “I am a person who gets stressed easily over little things. Linda was able to help me put things into perspective and ultimately lead a better life.”

    Roirie Williams, Fareham

  • “I was desperate to stop smoking and tried many methods to help me do so, but nothing worked. I had three sessions with Linda at Focus Therapy and I haven’t smoked in six months.”

    Carolyn Smith, Whiteley

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